Historical Preservation and House Moving


Here at Eastman Building Movers, we have moved many houses and some of the most memorable structures have been historical homes. There is a movement to preserve buildings with historical and cultural significance. This movement is strong not just in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts where some of the oldest structures in the country are located, but across the country.

There are some localities that have laws on the books that make it illegal to demolish or otherwise destroy an historical building without approval from a council. There are several reasons for this careful caretaking of these buildings.

Historical Event Connected To Building

The building may have had a historical event or some type of historical figure associated with it. By demolishing the building, this cultural significance is lost. Imagine that the building where Ralph Waldo Emerson or other historical figures in New England lived being lost to demolition.


The building may be an example of a certain style of architecture, the work of a famous architect, or even might showcase a bygone construction method. If this was designed or built by someone who is considered to be an expert or pioneer in their field, it has importance to the area in which it is located and often, to the nation as a whole.

Cultural Significance

The building might have a cultural significance to an area. Here in New England, it could be a colonial building that represents our area’s culture. From Stonington, Mystic, New Bedford, Providence, Warwick, Worcester, Springfield, to Cranston, Smithfield, Westerly, Lowell and Palmer, our whole area is rich with significant houses. 

As is sometimes the case, there might be instances where the condition of the property leaves no alternative but demolition, but we are firm believers that every property deserves a fighting chance and choices be explored before making that final decision. These historical buildings are irreplaceable and once the building is demolished, they will not come back.

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