Frequently Asked Questions

Moving a Home or Building

How much will it cost to move my house? 
The cost of moving a building varies and is based on labor and materials needed. Please contact us for more information and for a free quote on your project.

What damage should I expect when moving my house? 
While we normally do not anticipate any damage while moving a house, there are many factors that go into the project, including previous renovations and adjustments made to the house. We can give you a better idea of what to expect when we look at your project.

How long does it take to move a house or building? 
The time involved varies based on weather conditions, underground obstacles, and other unforeseen challenges. 

How far can a building be moved?
Whether or not a building can be moved to a specific location depends on the route traveled including any obstacles along the way.

Does moving a building or house reduce its integrity?
No, the structure will remain intact and structurally sound.

Will the resale value of my house be the same if I move it?
In many cases, resale values can be increased after moving due to improvements that may be made during the process and the new location.


Raising a Building

Why would I need to raise my home?
People raise homes for FEMA compliance, to move a home above water levels, to achieve a greater view, to obtain a basement where one did not previously exist and/or to turn a summer house into a year round residence, among other reasons. 

Can a brick block or stone building be raised?
Brick and stone structures can be raised - they require additional work so please contact us for a quote.

What is the process of raising a home?
The process, in most cases, is to gain access beneath the structure, insert a series of beams, cribbing towers and place hydraulic jacks in order to raise the structure.



General Questions

Is Eastman Building Movers carry workers' compensation on its employees?
Eastman Building Movers carries liability, cargo and workers compensation insurance at all times on all employees.

Does Eastman Building Movers have the proper equipment to complete my move?
Eastman Building Movers has all the equipment needs to  complete your job and all costs for equipment will be included in your quote.

Is the owner of Eastman Building Movers directly involved in the move?
Yes, as a small company owner Ray Barnes is involved in all projects.

What do I need to do prior to the home being moved or raised? 
Each project is unique in its own way, some projects require little to no preparation, others may require more.

If I have a historic building, will moving the house change its classification?
Eastman Building Movers will work with historic organizations and societies to ensure that the character and historic status will be maintained.

Do I need to buy separate insurance to cover the building move?
No, our company's insurance covers all the necessary requirements.